Our mission at Earn One Percent a Day is to educate our members about the Forex market and take profitable trades. While a majority of people who trade the markets lose most if not all of their investment, we see this as an enormous problem – and opportunity! To make you the best trader possible we offer in-depth Forex coaching which includes: online training and live weekly coaching. Additionally, we offer LIVE trading sessions totaling approximately 24 hours per week. One of our most popular benefits is our “COMMUNITY” feature, which allows all of our members to share trades with one another, (imagine receiving a heads up on lots of trades every day from many different people). And to top it all off we have designed over the last several years our own custom proprietary indicators. This is why so many people love Earn One Percent a Day!


The world of Forex can be confusing to both the novice and the trader who has been at it for many years. This is why we have developed a custom coaching program that will get you up to speed on how the market works and how to approach it. We make the complex simple. Our proprietary indicators help you filter out the proverbial “noise” of the market and with our trader chat/community you have lots of other traders helping you find the best trades.


As a member, you will have access to a private “Trader Chat” where you will be able to not only associate and learn from other EOPAD students but you will have access to EOPAD coaches as they trade the market.


Your training starts with basic concepts of Forex and continues to the more advanced theories and models. Includes both online and live weekly coaching sessions.


Our indicators level the playing field. Whether you’ve traded for 10 years or 10 days, our indicators will help you to enter the market so that you can be profitable.


The Forex market is open 24 hours a day 5 days a week, so depending on the time you want to trade there is almost always a trade to be found using our indicators. Our indicators work on any pair and time frame and will give you anywhere from 5 to 500 signals per day, per pair – so there is always a trade for you to take! They also work with futures, some commodities, and most major stock indices (i.e. Dow Jones).


Earn One Percent a Day wanted to design a simpler way for people to trade. The Forex market is the largest market in the world and can be very complex. Our indicators are designed to tell you when market forces are either pushing UP or DOWN and make it simple to recognize those patterns – making the complex simple. Our custom proprietary indicators have taken years to build and perfect.

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Don’t just take our word for it.  Here is just a small handful of folks that have witnessed the power of our indicators first hand.  See what they have to say…

I think the main reason I have been so successful has to do with the focus you folks place on training. Whenever I had a question or didn’t quite get something you guys are always available to help and a big plus is the help we get from many of the other traders. We have some very knowledgeable traders who also make themselves available to help whether it’s on our community, chat site, or in one of our trading sessions.

My most recent success since the market opened last Sunday (4 days ago); I am 17 wins 1 loss which is 90% plus. Did I mention these indicators are awesome? Dave S. - California

Their consistent training, software, and availability through chat and the trading room has made this a “no-brainer” for me!


I can recommend Earn One Percent a Day without a moment’s hesitation to anyone looking to enter the Forex Market. I have joined a “family”, committed to my success, all of whom are direct and honest with me at every stage and go to great lengths to assist whenever I have a question; all to achieve my goals of earning a realistic profit on my investment. Forex is now the highlight of my day.

Brandon W. - Utah

My experience as a student and a trader with EOPAD (Earn One Percent a Day) has been very positive. I have found Terry Rodgers and Jason Koford always willing to help. They take the time and make an effort to personally guide me. I am confident that with them and the other traders who are also very helpful I will be successful. And, the indicators are very accurate. I highly recommend using them to make informed decisions for Forex trading.

Tubah D. - California

*Testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients. Testimonials do not guarantee future performance or success. No compensation was given for testimonials.

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$3500 and $325/MO
Proprietary Indicators
Online and Live Coaching
Fundamental FOREX Course
Advanced FOREX Course
3 Months Monitored Trading
6 Months of Live Coaching
Live Weekly Coaching/Training
Access to Trader Chat/Community
Indicators Added at Checkout
Sierra Chart Included



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